Trombonist Shawn Bell’s playing has been called “soulful” and “captivatingly quirky.” While straight-ahead Jazz has been the guiding force throughout much of his career, Bell’s new group, Paper Canaries, explores music well outside of that tradition. Drawing inspiration from 90s alternative bands, progressive rock groups, and jam bands, Bell has assembled musicians and material that expand the boundaries of what a trombonist “should” play.

“To find a young trombonist like Shawn with this level of command and virtuosity is amazing.”-JazzTimes

“Solid playing and writing, a great tone and a young, untamed spirit.”-Midwest Records Review

“You can hear the soulful influence of Fuller when Bell plays.”-Something Else Reviews


“The Team likes to play with dynamics, giving a big one-two punch before digging into a cool groove”-Jazz Weekly

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